Our pride and joy, a robust and extensible Ruby on Rails platform to serve the website of your dreams.

I hate reinventing the wheel, but I hate the one-size-fits-all thinking even worse.

Charalampos Xanthopoulakis PDEng
Every client has the right to their tailor-made dream web application and our goal is to facilitate that in the most reliable and cost-efficient way. Clients are expected to change their mind, try out new things, enhance the user experience; a stale website is a dead website after all.

We crafted the RubySquared platform as the fusion of Charalampos' Ruby on Rails web development skills and Natalia's design talent. It serves as the foundation for every web application we create, be it a portfolio, an e-shop, a CMS, you name it. It's modular architecture allows for new plugins to be added, supports authentication and authorization, multilingual support, content management and is wrapped in a user-friendly, responsive design. This makes it ideal for rapid prototyping and this is what we are committed to delivering, as well.

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